The Holy Belt of the Theotokos - Agia Zoni (sil 02)

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Icon of the Holy Belt of the Theotokos (Agia Zoni) made according ​​with the original icon which is located at the Monastery of Vatopedi . Excellent quality and sharpness serigraph with pure silver (925o)  cover.Local gold plating made ​​of gold 22K.


-The Holy Belt, according to the tradition, was made by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself with camel hair.  The Empress Zoi, wife of Leo 6th the Wise, out of gratitude for her miraculous cure, embroidered the Belt with gold thread, as it is found today, but divided in three pieces.  Originally it was being kept in Jerusalem and later in Constantinople.  There during the 12th century under Manuel A' Komninos (1143-1180) an official holiday for the Belt was established on August 31st.  In the end, Emperor John the 6th Katakouzinos (1347-1355), who had a special love toward the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi, as is evidence by many related accounts, donated the Belt to the Monastery.  Since then the Holy Belt is kept at the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, in a silver case of newer manufacture which depicts the Monastery.  On the bottom right border of the depiction the artist made the drawing of the donor Emperor Katakouzinos along in the a sign which refers to his donation to the Monastery.

Numerous are the miracles, that have taken place up to today with the Holy Belt. Its value is priceless because it's associated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She has the grace and to her the miraculous power is attributed, which with many ways she transmits to the faithful.

The Holy Belt maintains unaltered the grace of the Most Holy Theotokos, because it became connected with her person and her life and because saints are spirit carriers during not their life, but also after their death.  The same phenomenon is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures when objects that the Prophet Elias and the holy Apostles wore actually performed miracles, because they had the grace of the saints. For this reason the Church attributes it honorary worship, as it does to the Holy Wood of the Cross of the Lord.

The Holy Belt has the unique grace to cure women's sterility as well as cancer patients, with a ribbon that has firstly been blessed on the Belt and is subsequently worn by the sterile women and patients.


-Dimensions: ~ 20x 16 cm

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