Athonite Botanical Extract for Hair Loss Holy Cell of St. Nicholas

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Athonite botanical extract for hair loss made in the Holy Cell of St. Nicholas

Extract herbs for hair loss made by the fathers of the Holy cell  of St. Nicholas on Mount Athos.

Ingredients: Nettle extract, laurel, thyme, rosemary and cypress.

Properties: Rich in oils, strengthens, tones and cares for hair. It enhances hair growth, stops hair loss and gives a healthy and powerful hairy head without replenishes the already damaged pockets.

Use: Apply with fingertips to the scalp of the head, making a light massage for 2-4 minutes. Then wrap your head with a towel or a hat to keep warm. Let sit overnight or for at least two hours, and then soak. Apply twice a week for a month, stop for 15 days and then repeat.

Content: 100 ml